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If you are looking for an electrician in Gawler, Metrolec electrical can guarantee a reliable, efficient service with qualified electricians offering same day service. Peter not only carries his A class electrical licence, he has done further studies to be credited in air conditioning, which is a large part of his work during the hot summer periods, however he is always able to squeeze another job in each day to assist you when you need an electrician or air-conditioning contractor immediately. If you require an electrician that will actually answer his phone, please call us today on 8522 1311.

Metrolec electrical is your Gawler specialist when it comes to fixing switch boards, the repair and installing air-conditioning units, installing power points, as well as energy efficiencies such as LED downlights.

Peter knows Gawler and it’s joining suburbs very well as he lives on Eckerman Road in Gawler. So should an electrical emergency arise, he can be there swiftly and promptly, often within one hour of you making a phone call to Metrolec.

The Metrolec electrical van is fully equipped to deal with emergencies such as if your power or lighting is not working.

By having a well-stocked van there is savings to you, the customers, as you are not paying or him to attend to suppliers or having to order in materials when they are simply just a stone throw away inside his van.

Air Conditioner & Electrical Job Done at Gawler 04th of March

Peter from Metrolec, on Wednesday the 1st of March, attended to a Kelvinator split system air-conditioner which was not working. Alter fault finding and analysing the issue, the compressor within the Kelvinator unit had fused itself, resulting in a replacement air conditioner being required.

Peter wrote up a quote to have this replaced, with a Daiken and Daiken unit. The customer was advised that they should forward this quote to the insurance company as all or some of the replacement can be claimed on their household policy. Fortunately enough, this was the case, and today being Saturday Peter has just replaced the air-conditioning unit and the customer is ecstatic as it is 33 degrees today, and the rest of the oncoming week will be warm to hot weather too.

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