Electrician Andrews Farm

Electrician Andrews Farm

Premium Electrician Workmanship in Andrews Farm

One way to verify an electrician’s work quality is by checking light switches, especially in an Andrews Farm home. This Northern Suburb in Adelaide has been having an increase in moving residents.

As a result, a lot of properties need more electrical inspections and updates. Light switches that don’t work properly are typically caused by either sub-standard products or poor workmanship. This is not something you have to worry about with the Metrolec Air Conditioning & Electrical team. You can bet on safety-focused and high quality work when you call us today!

When you notice malfunctioning switches, it’s best to contact our electricians immediately.

These kinds of situations often have underlying issues that need some work. Besides, preventive measures are always better, right? Not only will it prevent a hazard but also save you from having to spend more down the track.

Our services are available 24/7 and as a trusted local electrical company, you’re guaranteed a service that goes above and beyond what you pay for.

Let Our Electricians Conduct Preventive Measures to Your Andrews Farm Home

Never underestimate an electrician’s assessment of your Andrews Farm home. Neglected red flags can lead to unimaginable danger. According to Australia Wide First Aid, there are 76 electrocution fatalities in Australia every year.

The simple act of plugging in an appliance, outlet, or extension cord can cause electrocution. More importantly, as we are spending more time in our homes, it’s only best to for families to childproof them.

This includes installing safety switches and avoiding power point overload. Along with first-class customer service, we value the safety of our customers above all.

Call us today to ensure that your home is cleared of any hazards and has long term solutions put in place.

An Electrician’s Tips On How To Avoid Electrocution in Andrews Farm

Electrician-Andrews-Farm-lighting installation

Although most victims of electrocutions are electricians, Andrews Farm residents are not an exception – your family, especially children – can be victims too. In fact, according to AGL Discover, about 96% of men in their 30s fall prey to this unfortunate event. But such incidents could be prevented if safety precautions had been observed. This includes:

  • Regular inspection of appliances, circuit breaker, and power boards.
  • Never poke an outlet and never touch an appliance with wet hands.
  • Avoid using cheap products and appliances.
  • Always turn off the light switch when replacing light bulbs and never perform this with wet hands.
  • Only use extensions as a temporary solution.
  • Unplug electronics, appliances, and other electrical devices during a storm.
  • When cleaning appliances, make sure they are unplugged or switched off.
  • Avoid running water during a storm or lightning strikes.
  • Watch out for underground wires which are often found in walls and backyard.
  • Never perform DIY electrical work.

Prevent hazards by having the best electricians take a look at your Andrews Farm home – call Metrolec Air Conditioning & Electrical today!

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