Electrician Salisbury

Electrical Issues Solved By An Electrician In Salisbury

Resolving electrical issues brought on by a storm is one of the many situations our electricians in Salisbury are trained for. Most of the time, a lightning strike can cause an electrical surge, causing damages that could lead to power outages or worse, fire hazards. In fact, South Australia experienced 300,000 lightning strikes last year, which affected 32,000 homes. Another way lightning can reach your home is through communication cables and wiring that can severely damage your circuit board, electronics, and appliances. For times like this, a reliable electrician can be a savior.

We have a team that provides emergency repairs to prevent such hazardous events. Our van is always fully stocked to ensure our service is provided in no time. Combined with many years of experience, our team mainly focuses on your family’s safety. We guarantee you long-term solutions that can save you and your home.

Electrician Salisbury

When A Lightning Strikes, Call The Fastest Electrician in Salisbury

Our electricians can expertly install surge protectors that can mitigate lightning damage to your Salisbury home. Lightning can cause unpredictable hazards and often requires expensive repairs. When it hits your roof or wiring, it can instantly start a fire. It can also produce a blast that can shatter windows, break foundations and even cause a short circuit.

If none of this happens, there is still a chance that you might experience some form of electrical problems. If unchecked, this could result in an even more costly repair, as it may affect electronics and home appliances. This is why it’s vital to install surge protectors to secure your homes during power outages, surges, shock waves and other electrical problems. From installation to repair, our expert electricians can provide you with the quickest and highest quality of work, so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Safety First: An Electrician’s Tips For A Salisbury Homeowner

Our staff and electricians promote safety in Salisbury and in all homes. So when there’s a storm approaching, we recommend that you unplug your electronics and appliances, refrain from watching TV and talking on the phone and avoid running water. After the storm, have an electrician cross-check your electrical systems as well. This way you’’ll be notified if there’s a damaged electrical component that needs to be replaced. Thus, preventing an unexpected increase in your electricity bill.

We treat our customers as if they were family. So if the inevitable occurs, we are committed to helping you minimize expenses by offering superior yet cost-effective and transparent services. From sourcing out supplies to completion, we will ensure everything is communicated to you all throughout the process. Our wide variety of services can save you time as well. Be it simple advice or complicated fieldwork, we can do it for you.

When there’s an emergency, our electricians in Salisbury are always ready,

so don’t hesitate to call Metrolec Air Conditioning and Electrical today!

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